Mining Education Resources:

MMA’s Imerys mine has assisted DST & Associates by providing a tour of the Yellowstone Mine and giving the attending teachers an in-depth look at the workings of a mine committed to sustainable practices. 2012 was the 15th year of tours hosted by Imerys. The teachers in attendance for the 2012 year were from Montana, Colorado and California. Over 500 teachers have attended the workshop with the majority of teachers coming from Montana. Dave Scott and Doug Scott (professional geologists) present the course and the teachers can earn 2.0 Semester hours of continuing education credits through the Colorado School of Mines. The teachers have returned to their classrooms and presented their positive experience through lesson plans and other materials that Imery has helped to provide, We estimate the teachers have been in front of over 100,000 students during this period of time.

Mine Site Tours:

The Montana Mining Association Producer Members, in an effort to reach out and educate the public about mining, are offering tours at various mine sites. The tours serve to educate the public about individual mining operation. From mining to consumer, and every step in between, tour guests will come to understand the complexities of the mining industry and its valuable contribution, both as a commodity and a financial resource for the state of Montana.

Ambassador Program:

The Montana Mining Association is pleased to announce the launching of our state wide Ambassador Program. The program is designed to educate Montanans about miners and their contribution both past and present as well as their future work in our great state.

Did you know that the average automobile contains 50 lbs of carbon, 42, lbs of copper, 41 lbs of silicon, 22 lbs of zinc and more than thirty other mineral commodities, including titanium, and gold, and that catalytic converters have 3 metals (typically referred to as PGM’s or Platinum Group Metals) and they are platinum, palladium, and rhodium?

Did you know that the metals components that make up your PC are iron, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, platinum and palladium?

Did you know that a Vesta V90 3MW Wind Turbine contains steel, zinc, copper, concrete, molybdenum, aluminum and talc? When the power goes out do you think about the copper and aluminum needed to carry electricity from the power plant to your office or home?

Minerals and the products they produce are all around us. They impact our way of life and health and are crucial to our nation’s economy and national security.

As a driving force in our state’s economy mining has a rich and fascinating story to tell. Ambassadors throughout the state are eager to present to your club, service group, association, church or school an overview of mining in Montana that spans from the early 1850’s, when a fur trapper discovered a small amount of gold in the Deer Lodge Valley, to the 21st century where Montana mining is setting the bar for safety and environmental responsibility.

If you are interested in a presentation please contact Laura Feist at or call the Montana Mining Association Office at (406) 495-1444. We look forward to sharing with you a “mine” altering experience.

Tim Dimock, President

 Joe Pepiot-Revett
Paul Coon-Revett
Mark Dolan-Revett
Jeff Holder-Revett
Austin Wilson-Revett
Jeanie Windstrom-Revett
Bruce Clark-Revett
Ray Winebark-Revett
Max Schrader-Revett
Howard Morkert-Revett
Larry Erickson-Revett
Clint Jensen-Revett
Jerry Cummings-Revett
Isaac Erickson-Revett
 Renee Guiswite-Revett
Tina Nolevanko- Pacific Steel
Greg Gannon- Holcim
Mike Mullaney- Holcim
Jerry Laughery- Holcim
Mark Briggs- GSM
Donna Hikkinen- GSM
Jill Johnson- GSM
Marty Johnson- GSM
Michael Moodry- GSM
David Odt- GSM
Leonard Wartman- GSM
Ben Mosher- Graymont
The Montana Mining Association Education Committee Mission Statement

As a driving force in our state’s economy mining has a rich and fascinating story to tell. The MMA Education Committee is committed to telling that story through various outreach programs: The Ambassador Program, Traveling Trunks, Essay Contest, and Mining Tours. In addition, the MMA Education Committee will continue its work with the education community to provide opportunities for students to understand modern mining through various educational programs and teaching resources.

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