Montana’s mining history is rich in mineral and in exploit. Mining story after story tells of the achievements, as well as peril, of those who dared penetrate the earth for the commodity needed to enrich our lives and advance technology. We welcome your memories of mining in Montana and those stories passed down to you from early days of exploration.

The Silver Queen – The Story of the largest and most expensive silver sculpture ever produced in the world

1952 ACM Booklet on Properties and Operations in Montana

1920 List of mines operating in Butte Montana from the 1920 city directory (Courtesy of Butte Silver Bow Archives)

1961 Anaconda Company Bureaus of Safety Manual (Courtesy of Butte Silver Bow Archives)

Porphyry Pete (Courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce)

My Sweethearts A Mule In The Mine

Ore Hoist in the Butte District (Courtesy of the Butte Silver Bow Archives)

Construction of Timber Head Frames in the Butte District (Courtesy of Butte Silver Bow Archives)

1883 – History of Mining on the Stillwater Complex in South-Central Montana

Clary McAdow the Amazing Lady Mine Owner by Larry Hoffman

Brochure of Butte 1946 (Courtesy of Ted Antonioli)